4567 Wacky Wheel Wonder


Surface: Muslin Papercloth glued to Maison Board
Size: 40x40x1.5cm
Medium: Papercloth, Gelli Prints, Collages, Acrylic, Ink


Wacky Wheel Wonder is part4 of the ninefold series Powerplay. Papercloth is gelli prints on deli paper glued on muslin, and then pasted on MDF board as a canvas.

The uneven, darker, outer edge reminds you of a marry-go-round at night. Lightened, textured wheel and tower charms you to belief in fairy tale magic. This is accentuated by the darker spaces, applying black acrylic ink intuitively by a syringe.

Fine playful color acrylic marks remind you of the wonderworld of hustle and bustle of music and people enjoying themselves.