A Ray of Sunshine – a Splash of Hope

A Ray of Sunshine – a Splash of Hope – Click on a painting to read more information about it.

A Ray of Sunshine – a Dash of Hope is an abstract series which represents and reveals a rich universal dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

At the end of 2019 I consciously adapt the painterly connection between the healing power of colors and the enjoyment of free execution. A shift in accent and focus came about in the creating abstract process.

Warm acrylic paint colors Cadmium deep yellow and Alizarin Crimson, a cooler turquoise, and the canvas sizes, were the only decisions I consciously made.

I opened myself to the paintings’ influences. The movement of warm, light, and dark patterns across the canvas started to clear the mystery of the artwork. Mark making, collages of special papers, gelli-print and wallpaper pieces, tissue paper with acrylic ink, and mono-acrylic prints documented my memoirs. Spaces between the large multi-colored shapes transform the painting into a joyful experience. Small dots and seemingly insignificant marks are the resting places of an energetic journey.

The painting process was not done in any preconceived order. But daily news of humanity in pain and confusion together with my shorthand journaling eventually determine the meaning. It became clear that each canvas is a chapter of a story. Each artwork offers a piece of a familiar narrative. The rest of the artworks’ history unfolds as glimpses of emotions, and pieces of past memoirs constructed the visual language.

As always, after completion a meaningful name giving process is set in motion. The warmth of sunshine-yellow, despite the darkness, and uncertainty will give us the strength to experience a dash of hope. Rebuilding, depicted in turquoise, will eventually re-establish humanity.