4571 Faithful Friends Forever
Categories: The Power of Play

4571 Faithful Friends Forever


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Surface: Muslin Papercloth glued to Maison Board
Size: 40x40x1.5cm
Medium: Papercloth, Gelli Prints, Collages, Acrylic, Ink

Faithful Friends is part8 of the ninefold series Powerplay. Papercloth is gelli prints on deli paper glued on muslin, and then pasted on MDF board as a canvas.

The unequal red outer edge is a sign of love and connection between faithful friends. Images of the women and other realistic objects appeared unexpectedly when the papercloth was pasted. That forced me to work the crazy quilts in the ninefold series to a pleasing yet satisfied abstract artwork.

The connection between friends is obvious, as well as the cups of coffees and teas longed to be shared.