BBE Bubble Balloon X’tacy
Categories: The Power of Play

BBE Bubble Balloon X’tacy


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Surface: Muslin Papercloth glued to Maison Board
Size: 40x40x1.5cm
Medium: Papercloth, Gelli Prints, Collages, Acrylic, Ink

Bubble Balloon X’tacy is part5 of the ninefold series Powerplay. Papercloth is gelli prints on deli paper glued on muslin, and then pasted on MDF board as a canvas.

Warm orange-yellow hues against an uneven dark bluish edge express joyful emotion.

Learning to destroy some of the previous layers, new powerful and energetic circles developed. Interpreting the flow of creativity, my inner thrilled emotions ballooned, enjoying the process that defines my existence as an abstract artist.