Pomegranates For My Brother

The artwork “Pomegranates for my Brother” is one of the first works exhibited during an Art Festival in Bloemfontein. It reminded me of our short time on the farm. Painting the pomegranates for my brother who prefers still lives to any other forms of artwork, I could smell Ouma’s Laventelbos (Lavender Bush), I could see the sunset, and remember the taste of this fruit.

As soon as I put “Pomegranates for my Brother” on the exhibition easel, an elderly man walked into the room, fell in love with the painting and bought it. But the snag was, that his loving wife was to have a knee operation the next day. They were married nearly fifty years and he wanted to give her something special, because they already had everything they needed.

And flowers would wither. While she was in hospital, he hanged the artwork for her in their bedroom.

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