Floating Around- Abstract Art-on Papercloth. Various reddish box shapes surround a glowing yellow textured floating tower
Floating Around

Floating Around is part7 of the ninefold series Powerplay. Papercloth is gelli prints on deli paper glued on muslin, and then pasted on MDF board as a canvas.
The glowing textured building suggests the well-known Tower of Pizza. Various sturdy color shapes around the floating building indicate a city.
Warm and light hues draw attention to the center. Patches of saturated yellow colors near and on the tower evoke the image that the floating tower is spinning out of control.

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Painting Specifications

  • Surface: Muslin Papercloth glued to Maison Board
  • Size: 40x40x1.5cm
  • Medium: Papercloth, Gelli Prints, Collages, Acrylic, Ink