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Welcome to Ia Crous

Art is the exclusive creation of the artist. Abstract Art explains the perceptions of the creator in a visual, emotional and colorful form. Art is an extension of our daily lives. 

Ia Crous

Abstract Artist | Bloemfontein

For as long as I can remember, I was always “creating” something. My career as professional fine artist came through hard work, believing in myself and perseverance. It was a steep, long and in the end a most needed climb to ABSTRACT ART. Ia Crous Abstract Artist

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I have created many paintings through my life, and each one is a part of me. I would love to show you some of them, and tell you their beautiful stories.

Creating art is no magic, but pure hard work, always in solo flight. It takes courage to emotionally invest in ideas for acceptance by the unique viewer. I thus declare that my Abstract Art is My-Passion-Your-Pride.